Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Charlotte Kitchens to Love

I wasn't lucky enough to attend The Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour held last month in Charlotte but loved looking at the pictures after the fact. The kitchen tour is a new fundraiser for the Symphony Guild of Charlotte an organization that I was a member of years ago when I lived in the Queen City. For many years the Symphony Guild produced an annual designer show house and if my memory serves me well, at one point, it was the longest running show house in the country. When I was a member way back when, I enjoyed volunteering at the showhouse.  It was a fun way to meet people, volunteer and raise money for the symphony's youth programs. 

This year's heart of the Home kitchen tour featured eight indoor and outdoor kitchens. I have chosen my three favorites to share here with you today.

This beautiful gray and white kitchen would look fabulous in my home.

Is there a Santa Claus?

What I love most about this kitchen is its unfitted, welcoming style. 

And of course, the La Cornue range.

 I love the way the designer created the range's nook with the long hood vent and shaped marble apron. Notice the little window. I assuming that this is a pass-through to another living space. The gray and white painted wood floors keep this room from being too serious. I also love mixing the old with the new and love to see antiques and lamps incorporated into a kitchen's design.

From this angle, you can see that the marble wraps around the cabinetry and down the sides.  I love a waterfall countertop. This shot also gives us a view of the cabinetry that is neatly tucked under the oval island that is made to look like a table. I think that the drawer pulls are called the "nipple knob" from Whitechapel Ltd.

I have always wanted to paint my hardwood floors (something my husband would never go for) but have also wondered how painted floors would transition from one room to the next. The picture above illustrates that it can be done and look beautiful!

I love following Circa Interiors on Instagram! That's where I first saw a sneak peek of this kitchen on the tour designed by designer Catherine Walters. It's it lovely! Another long hood range that showcases a gorgeous La Cornue range.

One of my favorite elements in this kitchen is the dining area. I am a huge fan of lots of windows and natural light in a kitchen and love how this seating area is nestled under the windows offering a view to the backyard. I can see myself sitting at this table and not only enjoying family meals but reading and working and entertaining friends. I also love the interesting mix of seating. The blue, tufted banquet with its bleached, natural wood frame and nailhead detail made my heart skip a beat. I like the way the modern lines of the banquette are paired with the loose, linen slipcovered chairs.

Here's a close up where you can see that the banquette is likely covered in a microsuede perfect for lots of sticky fingers. You can also see the interesting oval shape of the table and honed surface. I am not sure what this is made out of but it is gorgeous!

I recognize this kitchen! 

It's from the gifted hand of
Emily Bourgeois of Bourgeoisie Inc and bourgeoisie3d.

Emily is a highly-sought-after kitchen designer in Charlotte known for her beautiful cabinetry design and bespoke details. At one time Emily was a chef and she brings a certain modern sensibility to the kitchens she designs.

I love the shaped quilted stainless backsplash and symmetrical cabinets that frame the cooktop. 

The barn painting on the far wall is from Charlotte artist Amy Sullivan
Many of Amy's paintings are rendered in oil and encaustic therefore have wonderful texture. Her work has an alluring, rustic quality.

Here are a few pictures of this amazing kitchen that were published at an earlier date. In the earlier pictures, you gat a glimpse inside the pantry and get to see how this open, modern kitchen flows into the living spaces.

I am sorry but I can not find all the specific details for the kitchen designers for each of these spaces. If you know, please leave a comment and I will add a link.

Follow this link to the Symphony's website should you need additional information. 

Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour photography from the Genesis Group.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

High Point Market Never Disappoints

Hello Again!

Please forgive me for taking a few months off! 

It's been crazy at our house with lots of changes on the horizon and hopefully lots of exciting things to blog about…. more to come!

I'll start my new series of blog posts with some of the incredibly beautiful things that caught my eye at this Fall's High Point Furniture Market. A visit to the High Point Market NEVER disappoints. 

I love the comfy, modern vibe I discovered in the Codarus showroom on the second floor of IHFC. The slipcovered upholstery and lucite tables are from Moss Studio, the rug from Bunny William's new rug collection for Dash & Albert and the art is from artist Carol Benson-Cobb of Benson-Cobb Studios.

The sales rep for Benson-Cobb Studios told me that the art above is actually a digital image taken from within the larger artwork. She said the idea to make this series came from clients who were looking for companion pieces to go with the larger originals. It is really beautiful in person. I love the colors...

They offer all kinds of different framing options from the lucite box frame to the driftwood, natural frames above. Personally, I love the organic feel of the natural frame.

I love all the soft texture of this wispy sheep's skin especially with the clean, modern lines of this bench. I noticed lots of sheepskin accents through out the market.

Sheepskin again! 

These little stools and the chairs that follow are from one of my favorite vendors - Artesia.

If I only had a ranch in Jackson Hole! I seriously am in love with these two chairs...

Bold planters filled with pansies flanked the entrance to Mr. Brown making you feel as if you were strolling down a stylish street in London.

The lamps all over market had a very geometric quality like something you would have seen in the Jetsons. 

Love this fun personality chair from Mr. Brown with exposed back, nail-heads and brightly hued linen upholstery.

…a close up of the reeded detail of the tall armoire.

I also noticed a lot of nesting tables at market. This coffee table from Mr. Brown had smaller tables that neatly tucked under each end.

My favorite stop at market continues to be Verellen. This incredibly gorgeous wood burning fireplace is new to their showroom.

Loved these square ottomans upholstered in cowhide.

More back interest from Bliss Studio...

I can think of a million ways I would like to use the bleached wooden bench above…at the foot of the bed, in front of the fireplace, tucked under a table in the living room for extra seating...

I also really liked this new mirror from Bliss Studio….gray and gold are always a good idea!

A new vendor I discovered Ro Sham Beaux that has  neat, funky lighting that has a California or a Charleston beachy vibe. 

I had to ask…the paint color on the walls is a Pantone match called String.

Love it!

This parting shot is another from Benson-Cobb Studio…..

I want a pair of these lamps from my soon-to-be California home. They are just prototypes so I guess I'll have to wait until next market.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Framing Herbariums

Decisions. Decisions.

As I mentioned in my last post, I purchased a set of 24 Swedish Herbariums at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta and now have to decide how to frame them. 

I would like to frame them very simply so that the frame does not take away from the Herbarium's natural beauty. I bought one piece of the vintage handmade gray paper (photographed with the pair of Herbaria above) from another dealer at Scotts and wish I had a whole stack of it because I like the way the gray paper marries with the Herbarium.

Each Herbarium is a labeled with the plant name and family and where it was collected and the date. My set was collected in 1937 in Sweden.

Here are some of my favorite examples of framed herbariums.

Do you have a favorite frame style?

{A favorite mountain retreat "sleeping porch" from Interior Designer Phoebe Howard}
The framed botanicals in the room above are probably not vintage Herbariums but more likely modern pressed botanicals. I like the simplicity of the white frame and simple mat.

{A favorite living room from Interior Designer, Betsy Brown}
 I have considered framing several pairs together to make larger art like Interior Designer, Betsy Brown, did in the room above. These are again framed in plain, somewhat modern frames and a gray mat.

{Vintage Herbariums framed in lucite hang in Brooke Giannetti's new laundry room at Patina Farm}

Brooke Gianetti, from the blog Linen & Velvet, recently featured her new laundry room at Patina Farm. Let's just say that her laundry room is a breath of fresh air and I LOVE the way she framed her Herbariums between two panels of lucite. 

The Herbariums are very fragile and I think this method would be a nice of way to preserve them as well as taking something very old and making it fresh and modern.

I carried the Herbariums on my lap all the way home from Atlanta, a six hour drive, because I was so afraid we were going to do something to that might damage them.

{another view of Brooke Giannetti's beautiful laundry room at Patina Farm}

A collection of Herbariums creates a dramatic focal wall in this bedroom designed by Kristen Cone.  I can't tell from the picture but the frame might be just an off-white version of the simple white frame I showed earlier that contrasts with the white mats. They might be a narrow bleached wood.

Another bedroom designed by Kristen Cone features a set of 12 botanicals framed together. I really like this frame treatment as well.

This wall of herbariums is framed very simply between glass and cardboard and secured with metal clips. This would probably be the least expensive method of framing and is really in keeping with the utilitarian nature of a pressed botanical.

I found this image on a tumblr page, a.k.a., I will never be able to find the original source.

I think this is incredibly chic but something I probably couldn't replicate!

Another eternal bedroom features the Herbariums in narrow gold frames with gray mats.

{Interior Stylist, Thea Beasley, at home via Atlanta Homes Magazine}

I will leave you with one of my favorite kitchens that features botanicals mixed in with kitchen essentials displayed on a wall of open shelving. 

Do you have any suggestions?

I would love to hear your thoughts!