Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Cottage and The Slipcover

I confess. I kept one image from you when I shared the photos from the Bazeley Cottage. In the light filled corner of the master bedroom sits an amazing slipcovered chair ~ quintessential English and the essence of cottage chic.  I am also quite fond of the antique painted gray chest.

When you think about the cottage design aesthetic, slipcovered furniture often comes to mind.

The slipcovered chair above is from a corner of the stylish New York studio apartment of design consultant Ellen O'Neill featured in House Beautiful.

 Even though this is a New York studio apartment, it has a distinctively cottage feel. Proof that a chic environment can still exude cottage charm. Maybe this is just my opinion but it has all the elements of good cottage design even painted white clapboard floors. I would love to take a peek under the slipcover... probably a vintage find brought to life with that crunchy washed linen slipcover.

Ellen O'Neill comments on the charm of the faded stripes of the red and white slipcovers from the living room of her Bridgehampton, New York home:

""I love that sun-bleached look. It's vintage fabric, and apparently it was once some kind of a cabana. In the underpinnings of the slipcovers, you can still see the little embroidered eyeholes where the ropes would go. So it comes with an interesting story. It's not just yardage. It had another life."

Michelle Fritz is the talented seamstress from the blog Make. Her work was featured in Country Home several years ago. Although this article appeared in February 2006, these linen slipcovers are just as relevant today and might easily change with the season's by adding colorful, graphic pillows.

I adore this versatile slipcovered table from Wisteria.  I love the clever storage it conceals.

I enjoyed this DIY slipcover project from Isabella Max Rooms. You can follow along as she makes slipcovers for her dining room chairs out of painter's drop cloths.

Finally, one of my favorite resources for slipcovers is Bemz. A Swedish based company that offers loose fit Belgian linen slipcovers for Ikea furniture.


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  1. fabulous post and i am happy to have found your blog... i love ellen's taste... she was almost my boss years ago... she is amazing..
    have a wonderful weekend.. xx pam