Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paper Dresses

You are probably wondering if I am still alive after my long break from blogging. I am finally back with lots of interesting pictures from the High Point Market. 

First, let me thank everyone for your words of encouragement. We had a fantastic week at the Antiques and Design Center at Market Square and have already signed a contract to show again in the Fall (October 12-18th). We will spend the summer and early Fall collecting more fabulous things. 

Speaking of fabulous things, Tom Delcambre, another vendor at the Antiques and Design Center, took my breath away with his amazing paper dresses. You never know what you will discover at market. The buzz at market is contagious with creative people feeding off of all the energy. It's something you have to experience for yourself. Market is so much about the collective creative experience and extends way beyond the innovative products introduced at market - it's the vibe, the collective of artists and inspiring people, the way everyone is dressed, the flowers, the food and the styling of the displays.

I love being around creative people...

Tom also makes these hand cut pet silhouettes. 

photo above from Natural Curiosities booth in Market Square

I would like to thank the talented designers that shopped with us and took the time to get to know us. You made our time at market memorable and inspiring.



  1. those dresses are absolutely amazing.

    so glad you had a good show. I would have loved to have seen your things. donna

  2. Hi Allison - Thank you for sharing photos of your booth (and others) in the previous posts. That paper dress is divine---what a beautiful piece of art!! I have been staring / admiring it for the last 5 mins!! ;-) So glad you did well!

  3. Allison,
    Glad you're back. Great reminds me of the magazine ads where the models are wearing dresses made from tile and carpet in the nesting magazine.

  4. Paper Dresses--you are taking me back to the 60's, but these are remarkable. When, oh when are we having lunch? We are all crazy behind from market, but I am dying to catch up with you. Come over!

  5. The dresses are wonderful. So glad you had a successful market. It was our first trip and next time we will make sure to come visit - you booth was stunning in the previous post!!