Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cards

Do you love to receive Christmas Cards as much as I do?

I received my first card in yesterday's mail. My first is almost always from my friend Blair, a close friend from my college days. I have loved saving my Christmas Cards over the years and have accumulated a sizable collection. I like to see my friends' families grow and reflect on how they resemble their parents.

Every year as I get ready to send my own cards, I like to pull out the large basket of cards I have collected over the years and look through them. This year, I decided to use one of the ideas I discovered while blogging. I have bundled all my old cards and tied them with pretty ribbon and placed them on a silver tray at my back door. The original idea was to bundle old cards and tie them with ribbon and place them under the Christmas tree to fill the empty space before gifts arrive. We haven't put up our tree yet so they are filling the silver tray where this year's Christmas Cards will go.

I thought you might enjoy seeing yesterday's outtake from this year's Christmas Card photo shoot. Let's just say we will be taking pictures again today. 

Of course, I saw this really cute picture of a newlywed couple all wrapped in Christmas lights and thought it would make a nice Christmas card with my daughter and dog, Sadie. The photo shoot lasted all of five minutes because we promptly broke the bulbs. It wasn't even dark yet!



  1. What a great idea..I was just looking at all my cards that I keep in a box ...I will definitely be going this.

  2. Hehe. What a fab looking dog and daughter and house you have. Love the photo shoot gone awry. Sometimes the outtakes from these things are better...

    xo Terri

  3. Ha! Been there done that! I don't know how many "rolls" of film we used to go through to get one picture when my children were small! Good Luck!

  4. Great idea, I love opening the mailbox to find Christmas cards.
    I have my cards from the past in a silver bowl, I may borrow your idea.

    Are you on instagram?

    Merry Christmas,
    instagram: TikaaC
    The Cools: GAB