Friday, December 7, 2012

The Christmas Wreath

I am not a red person even at Christmas time. My tastes always align with a lighter palette usually highlighted with a touch of blue. That's why it was no surprise that I fell hard for this gorgeous wreath from the pages of Traditional Home.

In the mornings, I take the dog on a long walk around our neighborhood. It is one of those simple pleasures that helps me to start the day off on the right foot. During the Christmas season, my walks are even more pleasurable as I love to see how my neighbors have decorated for the season. I am amazed at the diversity of ideas for something as simple as the Christmas wreath. I like to make my own wreath with fresh evergreens from my garden. I usually use a combination of magnolia, boxwood and cypress and collect pinecones that look like roses from my neighbor's hemlock tree. I like my wreath to be fluffy and a little unruly so that it reflects its handmade status.

Here are just a few of my favorite Pinterest images of wreaths that are inspiring my decorating choices this season followed by my own Christmas wreath.


I love a Christmas wreath hung prominently indoors. It brings that needed touch of nature inside and fills the house with the scent of evergreens.

Here's the wreath I created yesterday from tidbits from my garden, a blue burlap ribbon and silver bell garland from World Market.

Merry Christmas, come on in!



  1. these are the best set of christmas decor pictures i have seen yet...thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  2. Your wreath is beautiful and these are great images. I love the black door with the garland and the planter beside it - perfection - and the wreath decorated with silverware in the window seat is very charming.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. love your wreath and the others from pinterest are great inspiration!

  4. Your wreath is the images you showed.

  5. I agree with how wreaths look inside the house as well. I also like the blue ribbon. Your photo picks are beautiful.

  6. GORGEOUS! I am not a big red person either, have sprinkles of it here and there but prefer green way over red. So many stunning images....happy holidays!