Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interior Curtains

Although I love today's open floor plans sometimes they beg for just a little intimacy.

I also love how steel windows and doors connect an interior to the outside garden and flood the interiors with natural light. It would ruin the simplicity of the window to add curtain panels...

Solution: Add a floating interior curtain!

It's one of those details I have noticed a lot lately that I just adore.

I included two views of this kitchen designed by Beth Webb Interiors because I personally love to see the stylist's touch.

Pam Pierce's famous Houston home appeared once again in Veranda Magazine this month. I love seeing how Pierce has reinvented her beautiful home. Notice the sheer linen curtain that so elegantly floats next to that old beam. It's a chic solution for privacy and for screening away a working kitchen.

Here's older view from Vernada with a different perspective of Pierce's kitchen. A burlap curtain is hiding on the right hand side of the image.

I first noticed interior curtains in some of my favorite rooms from architect Bobby McAlpine. His interiors have inspired me to rethink the way we live.

I also love the interiors from John Saladino. His work is full of inspiring details including the use of interior curtains. In this dining room, the curtains are not exactly "interior" curtains as they do flank the large stone bay window but I thought this particular image best illustrated his unique style of curtain. I love the way it is tied to the wrought iron curtain rod.

And don't think an interior curtain has to be old-world to feature an interior curtain. Here Lindsey Bond of Birmingham uses an interior curtain to close off her office shelving. They are beautifully styled right now with no need to hide away but I can imagine if it were my own office the day would come.

And here, Lindsey Bond uses an interior curtain to give some definition between the living and dining spaces...clever! It also brings softness to a modern interior.

What do you think of interior curtains?



  1. Allison, Love the use of the draperies to define the space. Pam Pierce and Bobby McAlpine are favorites of mine too.
    xo, Lissy

  2. What a soft, pretty look. I have seen almost all of those images before but never noticed the curtains specifically! You are more observant than me. haha. Lovely!

    xo Terri

  3. Beautiful posts! Love our blog! Well done!
    Jamie Herzlinger
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